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Partnering for Patients

INMedD (Institute for New Medicine Discovery), is a social enterprise registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee (not-for-profit) and aims to extract full social and commercial economic benefit from the large investment in academic chemistry and bioscience. Sustainable success will be achieved by advancing projects to a position where sufficient risk has been removed to attract investment for onward development.

Why INMedD?

The demand for new medicines is increasing. Aging populations and increasing awareness of medical needs in the emerging world fuel the demand.

The past two decades have seen huge advances in knowledge of disease genetics and molecular pathology and also in the technologies and processes of drug discovery.

Traditional biopharma business models have delivered only 20 new medicines each year in recent times and thus have failed to efficiently translate the advances in knowledge and technology into patient benefit.

The mix of social and commercial opportunity points to a social enterprise solution.

Building a Future

In addition to creating new medicines, INMedD provides a long-term source of expertise and a forum for education and training in the field of medicines research.

Our vision:

A major centre for the discovery of new medicines in the UK.

A commercially successful and self-sustaining contributor to improved global health and high value employment.

Translating bioscience and chemistry into medicines

Harnessing Chemistry and BioScience excellence for Global Health

Extracting full value from academic and pharmaco research investment

Sustainable drug discovery

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