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Medical Research Charities

There are many significant medical needs where the financial rewards of success are insufficient for sensible profit-centred investment. These include situations where the majority of patients are unable to pay for the medicine, and where the patient population is segmented by genetics to the point at which there insufficient patients to commercially justify the R&D costs.  Projects in this space share the technical opportunities and also the high risk of similar commercially driven projects and they also share the requirement for multidisciplinary drug discovery experience and expertise

Academia and charitable foundations have contributed very significantly to the ‘biological revolution’ which has generated many ideas for approaches to new medicines. There is currently a translation gap for these ideas. INMedD offers the opportunity to achieve greater social and capital return on this investment using its expertise and facilities to fill this translation gap.

Medical research charities in the UK are increasing being asked by the Charities Commission to demonstrate the public benefit of their investment. Partnership with INMedD moves charity-funded knowledge creation further down the path to patient benefit.

RNID - RNID explores partnership with INMedD to promote translational research.

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