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Pharmaceutical Companies

INMedD is a provider of de-risked in-licensing opportunities for pharma companies.

INMedD collaborates with pharma companies to extract maximum value from under-exploited assets

The biopharma business model of small molecule drug discovery is under considerable stress. Now is a good time for different business models.

New medicine discovery is suffering a crisis of productivity. R&D costs are increasing rapidly. Output is at best static. Annual revenues greater than $150bio will be lost before 2014 as patents on blockbuster drugs expire

One pharmaco response is to focus investment on later process stages. This reduces risk by removing some of the failure points and reduces the time to achieve a commercial return on the investment

This strategy requires pharma companies to in-license intellectual property and the preference is for significantly de-risked opportunities. Early projects are not easily fundable and there is a declining number of organisations capable of delivering these assets. INMedD will be a continuing source of the required asset type.

The current pharma restructuring process results in under-exploitation of project assets which have already been created. INMedD offers an opportunity to retain value as these assets are further developed outside the originating company. INMedD provides a better chance that unsupported assets can still bring value to patient care and justify the initial investments and hopes of the originators. INMedD management understands and respects the investment already made in such assets and is determined to add value and ensure progress in a way which the originators would wish.

Partnership with INMedD provides a way to retain exposure to those elements of cutting edge new medicine discovery which pharmacos are decreasing in house.

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