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Roland Kozlowski

Roland Kozlowski is a bioentrepreneur who has worked in the industry since the mid 90s with a reputation for creative solutions. Roland is CEO (and founder) of Lectus Therapeutics Ltd.  Previously he was CEO of Sense Proteomic Ltd and prior to that worked with Oxford Molecular, notably on a key deal he negotiated with Astellas (then Yamanouchi).  He has executed many transactions ranging from company sale, purchase, financing and in- and out-licensing. His research background is in pharmacology and, after a PhD at Cambridge, he ran research groups at Oxford and Bristol Universities, at the latter he is a Visiting Industrial Professor.  Roland has published extensively and is an inventor on granted patents. He is a non-executive director of London Genetics and has served on a number of boards including the BIA and has participated actively in policy formulation for UK biotech.

Roland comments: ‘It is clear that the UK pharma and biotech industry has imploded in the second decade of the 21st century.  There are many reasons for this but the corollary may well be that the UK will lose its competitive advantage on the world’s stage within the sector as a generation of enthusiastic scientists and entrepreneurs is stifled though lack of resource.  It is therefore essential that all opportunities, whether commercial or social, are supported to ensure that this does not occur.  INMedD represents an exciting approach, for achieving this goal’.

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