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INMedD partners with academic institutions to translate bioscience and chemistry into medicines.

Most ideas for potential therapeutics originate from publicly funded research in academic institutions and hospitals.

Drug discovery is a highly multidisciplinary process and can be achieved only with a significant cohort of interdisciplinary experts. This expertise is built by in depth training in one of the core disciplines, followed by many years experience in the multidisciplinary operating environment. With some exceptions, universities do not have the necessary expertise or culture to achieve the translation from idea to drug

It is therefore very unusual for drug discovery projects in academia to be matured to the stage at which they can be transferred into the commercial domain. In general, translation, to a more mature stage is needed before transfer can be optimally successful. INMedD provides the expertise and the environment where this translation can be successfully achieved. In this scenario, the University and INMedD share ownership of the translated asset.

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